Our Volunteers Experience

In this space we share with you the first-hand experiences of our volunteers.

We hope that these experiences will inspire you to embark on an experience as fascinating as the European Voluntary Service.

Maddalena in Europe Day

Maddalena in Europe Day


Hi, I'm Maddalena and I'm going to finish my EVS here at Puente Genil. I collaborate with the Asociación Europa 2020 , which deals with European projects and exchanges, and with the city's youth information center. Undoubtedly, you may expect to read in this article the reasons why an EVS should be done .... but NOT !!!!!! I will describe 6 good reasons why you should not do it!

1. It makes you more sociable and I do not mean social networks, really sociable: you find in the market the old woman who smiles at you and asks you for your unmistakable accent "are you Italian?" And he begins to make a list of 80s Italian singers of which you have no idea; the neighbor who is surprised because you do not eat only pasta and pizza, and a gastronomic debate is opened; Meetings at bus stops or train carriages are characterized by the exchange of funny stories and information; Laughter and welcome in the workplace.

2. Spirit of adaptation: although, but this is an exception, things are not as expected, you learn to find the good, the useful and interesting.

3. Open your mind: you realize that two cultures have much in common and another totally different; you learn not to judge your culture "better" or "worse", but simply different.

4. Become more adventurous: you make a lot of friends from all over the world so you can organize new trips and visit them.

5. You gain confidence in yourself: living far from your family, friends and customs nothing seems impossible.

6.Improve your skills thanks to the work done during the volunteer service ... which always make curriculum.

So do not do EVS because it changes your life and you run the risk that it´ll change it for the better !!!!!

Simon in french speaking room 

Simon in french speaking room 


Good Morning,

2 months after my SVE I told myself that it would be good to make a comment about my experience ...

After 10 months in Puente Genil I wanted to comment that it was an incredible experience both culturally and at work.

Also all the time there has served me to develop in different points for example at a social level!

During my EVS, the members of the association gave me confidence, which for me was very important for the work and to learn a lot about the projects we carried out.

Regarding the city I was pleasantly surprised because it has everything, there is a lot of atmosphere and it has its own culture.

Finally every day of these 10 months I learned a lot about what it means to be outside your comfort zone! Now I know that Puente Genil is a town that I leave to my regret but where I'm sure I'll be back !!

Thank you very much to all the people without whom all this would not have been possible.

Kasia and Ivona

Kasia and Ivona


 The time has come to say goodbye to this unforgettable experience ... We have lived here in our town, Puente Genil for almost 10 months. We have our life here, our favorite places, our customs and many friends.
We do not know how we are going to live without our Bridge. It hurts to think about this. We had no idea that it would be so difficult to say goodbye. There are no words that can write everything we would like to say at this time. We can only thank all the friends who are with us during all this time. You are in our hearts forever!💕